Homeowner’s Guide to Environmentally Responsible Tree Care Practices

Did you know that when trees are well taken care of, they add value to your home? Established grounds and mature trees around your home can increase its value by up to 15%.

What Should I Do to Care For My Trees?

Just as important as the trees themselves is knowing how to responsibly take care of your trees. A lot of common tree care practices are not environmentally-friendly and waste large amounts of water. That’s why we encourage you to do some research and always contact an expert when you have questions regarding tree care or tree care products/services.

Ways to Water

If you are watering a newly planted tree, you should water the soil under the tree canopy twice a week to stimulate root growth. If the weather is very hot and dry, you should increase watering to three times. If there is heavy rain, you should count that as a day of watering.

Trees that are established still require some watering, but unfortunately, this is when the most amount of water is wasted. When you water an established tree, soak the soil under the tree canopy rather than spraying the surface or tree trunk to ensure the water reaches the roots below. This reduces the frequency of watering and prevents trees from rotting and diseases.

Installing a soil sensor irrigation system is a great way to keep your trees and lawn healthy while also conserving water. The sensors detect when water is needed and shut the irrigation system off when the soil is “wet enough.” The alternative to this is digging the soil yourself to determine if you think the soil needs watering, so these systems save you a great deal of time and energy as well.

Safe and Effective Formulas

When we use products in our homes or on our skin, we make sure to only use products that are 100% safe. So, why should the products we use on our trees be considered any different? Many tree care products are chock full of harmful chemicals and it is important to do your research when deciding what products to use. Some people are under the impression that they only way to prevent pests and diseases on your trees is through the use of chemicals, but that is simply not true!

Taking care of your trees should not mean sacrificing the safety of your family or the environment. Here at American Turf & Tree Care, we only use green products that are environmentally responsible and family friendly. We are happy to suggest safe products or answer any questions about tree care that you may have.