How to Protect Your Lawn from Colorado Winters


We love the winters in Colorado. It’s a beautiful time of year filled with the hustle and bustle of the holiday season and relaxing by the fire. It’s easy to not think about your yard since you’re not spending too much time in it—especially when it’s covered in snow for weeks at a time.

One of the biggest mistakes a Colorado homeowner can make is not properly taking care of their lawn during the winter. With snow and the cold temperatures, you never know if you’re supposed to water your lawn—and what do you do about your ornamentals? If your lawn doesn’t receive the attention it needs during the winter, the health of your grass could be damaged. In order to protect your lawn from Colorado winters, follow these guidelines.

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Do You Water Your Yard in the Colorado Winter?

Lawns become weak after extended dry periods during the winter—this makes it easier for your lawn to grow diseases or die. Here are guidelines for watering your yard during winter in Colorado:

  • Only water your lawn if the temperature is above 40 degrees.
  • Do not water your lawn if there is snow on the ground.
  • Water your lawn midday so it won’t freeze overnight.
  • If ice develops in a certain place—e.g., in the shade—don’t water that area again until it melts.

Do You Mow Your Lawn in Winter in Colorado?

Your lawn grows at a much slower pace when it’s below 40 degrees outside—this means that, come November, it’s unlikely you need to mow your lawn. If a rare warm spell occurs in the middle of winter, refrain from mowing. Mowing your lawn immediately after snow melts, no matter the temperature, may result in damaged roots and uneven grass blades.

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How to Prevent Snow Mold

Snow mold is a fungus that develops under snow patches. It can be caused by snow melting and not being able to drain properly, or when there are dead leaves that get stuck under the snowfall. Snow mold can be identified by a circular, pinkish-gray shape. Here are three steps to prevent snow mold in Colorado.

Aerate Your Lawn

Liquid aeration in the fall opens up the soil and makes it easier for your grass’ roots to breathe and soak in water and nutrients in the winter. Your lawn should receive liquid aeration October or early November—especially after an extremely hot summer or if your lawn receives high foot traffic, as that is what compacts the soil in the first place. Don’t schedule your liquid aeration too late in the year; otherwise, your lawn may provoke the growth of snow mold. 

Apply Winterizter

Winterizer is a specific blend of lawn fertilizer that is designed to give your lawn the nutrients it needs for the upcoming winter. Ensure your winterizer has the right balance of nitrogen, potassium, and phosphorous in order to prevent snow mold. You should apply winterizer in Colorado anytime between late September and early November depending on the weather—as long as it’s applied after the grass stops growing, you’re good to go.

Clean Up Your Yard 

While it might be annoying to rake your yard, it’s better for your lawn’s health in the long-run. The longer that dead leaves, branches, and other debris stay on your lawn, the more likely your lawn may grow snow mold or other lawn disease. Keeping your yard clean brings you one step closer to having less dry and dead spots on your lawn. 

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How to Take Care of Trees During Colorado Winter

There isn’t a lot of humidity in Colorado, and it’s pretty dry here for the most part—between the lack of moisture and the cold temperatures, it’s difficult for your tree’s roots to soak up the water and nutrients it needs to be healthy year-round. As your trees and shrubs are easily susceptible to dehydration during the winter, we recommend hiring a company for tree service during the winter. 

It’s hard to know how much to water your trees, but the experts at American Turf & Tree Care are here to help. We come out once a month, usually 5-6 times per season, and identify the necessary amount to keep your trees healthy. 

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Hire a Lawn Care Company 

Winter lawn care is overwhelming. Call the lawn care professionals at American Turf & Tree Care at 970-352-7711. We would love to take the stress of lawn care off your hands and provide you with the healthiest lawn this winter. A healthy lawn in the winter makes for a beautiful, green lawn come springtime!

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