How Do Trees Survive The Winter?

Seasonal Services in Greeley

Last winter was particularly severe all across the country. From frigid temperatures to colossal snow storms, everyone was affected by the cold. Forecasts are saying this winter will be just as bad, if not worse. But people weren’t the only ones that felt the weather, trees and plants did as well. Here at American Turf & Tree Care, we saw too many trees across Northern Colorado die because they hadn’t been properly cared for, and all this destruction could have easily been avoided. To make matters worse, many of the trees that perished fell on their owner’s homes, causing chaos in the dead of winter.

Where Your Worries Should Take Root

In November last year Colorado saw what was termed a “polar plunge,” and red and white pines, junipers, conifers like the blue spruce, and evergreens, all displayed their plight. The needles quickly turned yellow as the trees couldn’t handle the temperature. Maples, lindens, and mountain ash are also incredibly vulnerable to winter injury compared to the arctic species of trees that take residence in Colorado like aspen, jack pine, and black spruce. If you have any of these trees on your lawn, now is the time to speak to professionals about how to make sure your trees don’t perish.

Winter Tree Care & Watering in Northern Colorado

In the winter trees go into a state of dormancy, akin to hibernation, but they still need sustenance to stay alive and thrive. As you can imagine, roots have access to a scarce amount of water during the harsh Colorado winters due to frozen earth, and that’s why winter tree care is a vital necessity. When trees don’t have easy access to water their roots will seek it out, which can lead to roots clogging underground pipes, or even trying to break into your foundation. Our trained professionals can help you avoid these costly repairs, and keep your trees healthy throughout the winter. We know how much water a tree needs during the winter, and how to give your trees and landscape the sustenance they need. This way we will prevent dehydration and desiccation from killing your green and thriving property.

Let Us Give You a Green Spring

Here at American Turf & Tree Care we will prevent damage to your trees and landscape by utilizing anti-desiccant sprays. When applied, these sprays provide the roots with a waxy substance to help seal in moisture for the season, so your roots don’t have to search for water. But winter tree care isn’t just about knowing what to apply, it’s also about perfect timing. Not only do anti-desiccant sprays have to be utilized within the appropriate window before snowfall, but excess winter watering or spraying too early in the season will result in water becoming trapped in the leaves, resulting in damage to the tree. Winter tree care and watering is a tricky business requiring a great deal of education, and that’s why it’s best left to professionals.

Your yard and landscape is a major investment, and that’s why you want to keep it green and prosperous. Here at American Turf & Tree Care, we don’t want to see a devastating winter like we saw last year, where so many people’s yards and trees were destroyed by the cold. Do you want to protect your investment and have the beautiful yard all year round that you deserve? Let us apply our expertise of winter tree care and watering services to your trees and landscape so you can have a green spring.

Do you want your trees and lawn to be healthy come spring? Learn more about our winter services!