Lawn Care in Fort Collins

Healthy, beautiful trees offer major curb appeal. However, it’s not always easy to maintain them. Things like insect activity, disease, and environmental factors take their toll, leaving your trees looking lackluster. If you’re looking to save your trees, look no further than our tree care in Fort Collins! We’ll have your trees looking their best with a combination of effective reactive and preventative treatments.

Our tree care in Fort Collins includes services such as:

  • Tree diseases treatment
  • Seasonal tree fertilizer
  • Dormant oil treatments
  • Anti-desiccant spray
  • Insect control
  • Tips from the tree experts
  • And more!

Protect Trees from Harsh Winter Weather

Winter weather can wreak havoc on trees, and you often don’t notice the damage until months later. The biggest issue your ornamentals are up against is desiccation, which is when trees don’t receive enough moisture or the cold air causes them to dry out. This results in dying, damaged, and unsightly trees in the spring. The best way to prevent this from happening is with our winter tree care in Fort Collins. 

We fight tree desiccation by:

  • Thorough watering of your trees—up to 1,500 gallons—in the fall to ensure their root systems have enough water.
  • Anti-desiccant spray, which is a waxy substance that locks in moisture and prevents them from drying out.
  • Our satisfaction guarantee! If you’re ever unhappy, simply let us know and we’ll work hard to make things right.

Ash Borer Protection in Fort Collins

Insects like Lilac/Ash borers and Emerald Ash can eat your trees from the inside out. As larvae, these insects pierce through the trunk and lower branches of the tree, and at the soil line, these pests inhibit water and nutrients from traveling properly through the tree. Lilac/Ash and Emerald borers are drawn to dry, unhealthy trees, as they are easier to infiltrate.

A tree can quickly become unhealthy if it is injured, was recently moved, or suffered a drought. Emerald Ash borers are an invasive species, not native to the United States, and have killed millions of trees in Colorado. Without the right tree care and protective treatments in place, both the Emerald Ash and Lilac/Ash borers can destroy all of the ash trees around your property in a very short amount of time. At American Turf & Tree Care, our highly trained tree care experts in Fort Collins specialize in Ash Borer treatments and can regain the health of your trees quickly.

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