Tree Care in Loveland, CO

While you're adding on layers, your trees are shaking them. Protecting your trees from the lowering temperatures is essential for promoting their growth! Ensure that they are prepared and protected with the proper care, only found with American Turf & Tree Care's tree services.


At American Turf & Tree Care, we know that the changing Colorado climate affects different trees in many different ways. But tree care in Loveland does not have to be complicated. After a thorough inspection of your yard, we will implement a customized tree care program that addresses the needs of your specific trees.

Effective solutions you can count on all year long

The seasonal weather conditions in Colorado bring a host of tree issues, including insect infestations, diseases, and general wear and tear. Our tree care in Loveland targets these threats with services such as:

  • Pest protection to combat damaging insects
  • Disease and fungi protection
  • Advanced winter care program
  • Seasonal fertilization solutions
  • Preventative sprays
  • And more!

By combining advanced treatment methods and preventative services, our Loveland tree care specialists are able to create and maintain beautiful landscapes.

Guard your trees from ash borer damage

Pests are normal and natural to find in your backyard, but are you aware of the risk that certain insects can pose to your landscape? Common pests in Loveland that can impact the health of your trees are Lilac/Ash borers and Emerald Ash borers. The Lilac/Ash borers are native to the Colorado area, and typically infiltrate by tunneling through the soil lines of stressed trees. The stress of trees can be brought on by recent transplant, drought, or injury. Stressed trees are very attractive to the Lilac/Ash and Emerald Ash borers, as these destructive pests burrow beneath the bark of your ash trees and destroy the heartwood, blocking water and nutrients from traveling through the tree.

The Emerald Ash borer is more damaging than the Lilac/Ash, but both are extremely harmful to the quality of life of your white and green ash trees. The Emerald Ash borer has devastated tens of millions of trees, and in rare cases, both the Lilac/Ash and Emerald Ash borer can even kill your ash trees.

Keep your trees from getting sick

You may be watering effectively and efficiently, but do you know if your trees are getting the right nutrients?

Yellowing leaves and drooping branches can be a sign of tree disease. With our tree care services in Loveland, you'll get help from our certified experts. From diagnosing low nutrient levels or high alkalinity in soil to tree injections and dormant oil injections that guard your tree against damaging weather and other environmental factors. Don't let the landscape you've worked hard to maintain get sick! Call on American Turf & Tree Care at 970-352-7711 today to get help! 

A less invasive approach to a gorgeous backyard

We believe in leaving your lawn better than we found it. For that reason, we use environmentally friendly products in all of our Loveland tree care services. That way you get the best care without causing any unnecessary harm to the community. Best of all, we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee!

Take pleasure in your landscape – request a free estimate today. 

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