Tree Care in Windsor, CO

Safeguard your trees from the chilling aspects of Fall and Winter. Let American Turf & Tree Care provide the care and service your trees need to stay strong and beautiful!


Maintaining healthy trees and shrubs can be a daunting task with the extreme weather conditions in Colorado. Fortunately, our team of experts have decades of experience providing superior tree care in Windsor. We take a tailored approach, identifying potential problems early and applying the right treatments to ensure continued growth and development. Whether your trees are up against diseases and insect infestations, or simply require routine maintenance, you can count on us to handle it.

Seasonal solutions to promote long-term health

Winter frost? Summer drought? Colorado weather conditions have nothing against our tree care in Windsor. No matter what the season, American Turf & Tree Care will provide the most advanced treatments and solutions for your landscape. Our tree care includes the following services:

  • Slow release fertilization
  • Insect protection
  • Disease and fungi control
  • Fruit sprays
  • Tree injections
  • And more!

We also offer winter tree care services to keep your trees, grass, and shrubs safe from bitter winter weather and dry air. Our technicians will tailor each monthly treatment to the precise needs of your landscape, providing your lawn and plants with the perfect amount of water and sealing in moisture using anti-dessicant sprays. Call today to learn how American Turf & Tree Care can protect your landscape all year long!

Protection from pest damage and disease

There are a number of elements that can impact the health of your trees and shrubs, and if you're not taking steps to protect your landscape from insects and disease, these threats can quickly cause damage to your backyard. 

Insects like Lilac/Ash borers and Emerald Ash borers are extremely common in Windsor. These destructive pests can eat your trees from the inside out! Starting their destruction as larvae, the Lilac/Ash borers pierce through the heartwood in the trunk and lower branches of your trees. Starting at the soil line, these insects restrict the ability of water and important nutrients from traveling properly. Lilac/Ash and Emerald borers gravitate to stressed trees, as they are easier to infiltrate.

A stressed tree can be considered so if it is injured, was recently transplanted, or suffered a drought. The Lilac/Ash borers have been known to kill trees completely. In fact, Emerald Ash borers are an even more invasive species, not native to the United States, and have devastated millions of trees in Colorado. Without the right protections in place, both the Emerald Ash and Lilac/Ash borers can destroy all of the ash trees around your property in a very short amount of time. 

Not only can insects cause damage to your trees – disease can also have a big impact on a once healthy landscape. With our tree and shrub care services in Loveland, you'll benefit from expert care. Our tree care specialists are highly trained to diagnose nutrient deficiencies, pH imbalances, and soil problems that might be damaging or stunting the growth of your trees. Our tree care service in Windsor also includes tree injections and dormant oil treatment, fortifying trees against harsh weather and other damage. 

Guaranteed services for your peace of mind

At American Turf & Tree Care, we are committed to going above and beyond with every service. From using safer, environmentally-friendly products for your family's health, to providing services in a friendly, courteous manner – that's how we do business! Our team will take care of all your tree care needs in Windsor – including a 100% service guarantee if you have any issues between treatments!

Treat your landscape to a professional touch.

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