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Lawn Care in Northern Colorado

As a family-owned and operated company, we specialize in providing the best lawn care in Northern Colorado since 1982. Because we understand that every turf presents its own set of unique challenges, we train our lawn technicians to not only give your landscape the pampering it deserves but also identify and address early warning signs of potential problems, such as your grass not growing.

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Lawn Care in Northern Colorado

Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn year-round—especially in the ever-changing climate here in Northern Colorado—isn't easy. At American Turf & Tree Care, our technicians know the exact blend of nutrients, fertilizers, and control methods to help your lawn thrive from season to season. We provide you with healthy results for your landscape, giving you the vibrant grass you want and deserve!

Our lawn care program consists of 5 treatments every 4-6 weeks from April to October. Our application includes:

  • Complete balanced rate lawn fertilizer
  • Pre-emergent weed control for crabgrass, spurge, and other grassy weeds
  • Post-emergent weed control herbicides for dandelions, thistle, bindweed, and more
  • Organic soil conditioner 
  • Drought tolerance treatments
  • Disease tolerance treatment

Organic Lawn Care for Your Peace of Mind

For a healthier turf with fewer herbicides and pesticides, American Turf & Tree Care provides organic lawn care as part of our 5-star program. Your grass will be thick and lush with enhanced color through the use of millions of beneficial microbes and disease-fighting fungi.

Our package provides additional benefits such as:

  • Reduced maintenance: With organic nutrition, your turf is better able to utilize moisture and nutrients because of enhanced root growth. This means less watering and mowing!
  • Long-term protection: Our organic lawn care program defends your yards against costly damage like drought, temperature extremes, and frost damage.
  • Reduced environmental footprint: carbohydrate production and soil microbe stimulation with humic acid and fulvic acid mean that your grass gets all the treatment without causing any unnecessary harm to our beautiful state.

100% Guaranteed Lawn Care

From our friendly office staff to our knowledgeable and courteous technicians, we are committed to providing unbeatable customer service. For that reason, we make a point to back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a problem should arise between regular visits, just give us a call—one of our highly qualified technicians will respond at no additional cost. We are committed to healthy results for your lawn.

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Additional Services for Your Lawn’s Unique Needs

Every yard is unique, and many times we need to go above and beyond fertilizer and weed control to get the best out of your lawn. To help you achieve a healthy, green lawn, we also offer services to address the following issues:

  • Highly compacted soil
  • Turf disease
  • Lawn pests
  • Grub control

All of these services include seasonal treatments, year-round protection, family-friendly products, and complete eradication of the problem. And the best part—many of our add-on services are half-off when performed during your regularly scheduled fertilizer applications. 

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Our lawn care experts know exactly what it takes to care for your landscape. Our team has been proudly serving our neighbors in Northern Colorado since 1982. Not sure if we service your neighborhood? Check out the map or give us a call!

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5 Star Review

Our technician, Matt Lancaster, was very prompt, professional and communication before and after service was outstanding.

Karen Archibeque
5 Star Review

Matt was on time and did a great job.

Nancy Teksten

Nancy Teksten
5 Star Review

I have used them for many years. The technicians are always friendly and respond to any concerns I may have. They are the Best!

Vicki Brashear
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