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Maintaining a beautiful and healthy lawn year-round – especially in the ever-changing climate here in Northern Colorado – isn't easy. (We just make it look that way!)

At American Turf & Tree Care, our lawn care experts know the exact blend of nutrients, fertilizers, and control methods to help your lawn thrive from season to season. Let us give you the vibrant grass you want, effortlessly.  

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Lawn Care in Northern Colorado

As a family-owned and operated company since 1982, we specialize in providing the very best lawn care services in Colorado. Because we understand that every lawn presents its own set of unique challenges, we train our technicians to not only give your landscape the pampering it deserves, but to also identify and address early warning signs of potential problems.

A Lawn Care Program That Covers A to Z 

Our 5-star lawn care program has everything you need for your dream lawn, including a complete fertility and weed control balance. We’ll treat your lawn every 4-6 weeks from April to October, for a total of five applications. During each application, our system uses:

  • Complete Balanced rate fertilizer to give your lawn the nutrients it needs, when it needs it, to thrive all season long.
  • Weed control with pre-emergent herbicides for crabgrass, spurge and other grassy weeds and post-emergent herbicides for dandelions, thistle, bindweed, and more. This keeps the eyesores out of your lawn!
  • Organic Soil Conditioner to improve soil health over time
  • Drought Tolerance and Disease Tolerance over time

Why stop where your grass ends? American Turf & Tree Care can provide complete protection for your entire landscape. Ask how our tree care, weed and vegetation control, and mosquito control services can help you create the peaceful, beautiful backyard of your dreams. 

Get A Lawn That Doesn't Just Look Green

For a healthier lawn with fewer herbicides and pesticides, American Turf & Tree Care provides Organic Nutrition as part of our 5-star lawn care program in Northern Colorado. Your lawn will be thick and lush with enhanced color through the use of millions of beneficial microbes and disease-fighting fungi. Our organic lawn care package provides additional benefits such as:

  • Reduced Maintenance: With organic nutrition, your lawn is better able to utilize moisture and nutrients because of enhanced root growth. This means less watering and mowing!
  • Long-Term Protection: Our 5-star organic lawn care program defends your lawn against costly damage like drought, temperature extremes, and frost damage.
  • Reduced Environmental Footprint: Carbohydrate production and soil microbe stimulation with humic acid and fulvic acid means your lawn gets all the treatment without causing any unnecessary harm to our beautiful Northern Colorado.

Additional Services for Your Lawn’s Unique Needs

Every lawn is unique, and many times we need to go above and beyond fertilizer and weed control to get to the best out of your lawn. Pest issues, highly compacted soil, or soil turf disease needs to be dealt with to keep your lawn looking its best. American Turf & Tree Care believes your dream lawn should come at an affordable price, many of our add-on services are half-off when performed during your regularly scheduled fertilizer applications.

Add Liquid Aeration for a Seasonal Refresh

Our lawn care services are designed to address the seasonal needs of your landscape, but if a long summer of cutting the grass, weeding, and watering the backyard has left you and your grass a little stressed, seasonal liquid aeration is the best way to rejuvenate your yard.

Our fall liquid aeration service involves perforating layers of thatch, organic debris, and compact soil in your yard, punching small holes to allow air, water, and nutrients to penetrate grass roots. What are the benefits of liquid aeration? There are several, including:

  • No flagging sprinkler heads
  • No messy soil plugs
  • No heavy equiptment
  • No risk of property damage
  • Can be applied at the same time as the winterizer fertilizer application
  • Saves time and money
  • More effective than traditional core aeration

Most lawn care professionals agree that October and November are ideal for liquid aeration services, as it allows your grass root system to grow deeper and stronger before your lawn goes dormant over the cold winter. We time our liquid aeration service to meet the exact needs of your landscape and the demands of the Colorado climate.

Our Northern Colorado liquid aeration services help restore strength to your foundation, getting your lawn ready for spring by:

  • Filling in places where heat, disease, or insects have ravaged your lawn
  • Covering and thickening bald patches
  • Restoring the appearance of your lawn
  • Fortifying root strength for increase longevity of your grass
  • Strengthening your lawn's ability to fight against insects and disease

If you'd like to learn more about the benefits liquid aeration can bring as part of your lawn care package, give our team a call at 970-352-7711 today! 

Add Targeted Grub Control for Year-Round Defense

Brown patches? Bare spots? Grubs and bill bugs could be to blame. These pests invade your lawn underground, eating away at the roots. By the time you notice the brown patches or spongy spots on your lawn, the entire area has already been infested. Keep these sneaky pests from destroying your grass with additional grub control services! 

Grubs and bill bugs typically show up in Colorado during the period from late spring to early fall; however, you want to make sure these pests don’t make a surprise appearance and ruin your lawn. We provide prompt, targeted grub control treatments utilizing granular systemic insecticides to protect your lawn throughout the year.

Our treatments eradicate adult populations of grubs and interrupt breeding cycles to prevent future ones, giving you complete protection against these destructive pests. What's more, our lawn care technicians are highly trained to apply these formulas to minimize exposure and risk for your family and pets. 

The best part? Current members of our lawn care program get a 50% discount on lawn pest control! Without grubs, your lawn will be stronger and healthier for you to enjoy.

Outstanding Service - 100% Guaranteed

From our friendly office staff to our knowledgeable and courteous technicians, we are committed to providing unbeatable customer service. For that reason, we make a point to back our services with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If a problem should arise between regular visits, just give us a call. One of our highly qualified technicians will respond at no additional cost.

We've been helping your friends and neighbors in Greeley, Johnstown, Windsor, and Loveland for years - isn't it your turn to get a lawn that will make your neighborhood jealous? 

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