Tree Care in Johnstown

What does your curb appeal say about your home? Let your landscape do the talking! American Turf & Tree Care will protect your biggest investment with professional tree and shrub care in Johnstown.


Keep Trees and Shrubs Healthy All Year

It's not enough to have green, vibrant trees and shrubs in the springtime - the hard part is keeping them healthy during hot summers and cold Colorado winters. Our highly-trained professionals start by inspecting your property to identify potential issues. Then, we develop a customized tree care program, tailored to the exact needs of your landscape. Our talented team has decades of experience keeping disease, insect infestations, and winter wear and tear from damaging trees and shrubs in your area. 

With our Johnstown tree care services, you'll benefit from:

  • Seasonal fertilization 
  • Dormant oil sprays in spring and winter
  • Comprehensive disease and fungus protection
  • Insect control
  • Fruit sprays
  • Winter tree protection
  • And more!

Shield Your Landscape From Pest Damage and Disease

You work hard to keep your landscape green and beautiful, but what happens when threats like insects and disease set in? If you're not protecting your trees from destructive wood boring pests like Emerald Ash borers or Lilac/Ash borers, you're putting your yard at risk.

With these borers, the problem begins at the soil line. The Emerald Ash and Lilac/Ash larvae bore tunnels, cutting off the tree from the main source of nutrients, traveling through the heartwood of tree trunks and low branches. The damage done by Lilac/Ash borers make it difficult for water and nutrients to travel through the trees. Typically found in common ash trees in the Colorado area, the Lilac/Ash borers tend to prey on trees suffering from injury, drought, and/or recent transplant. Left to their own devices, these borers can destroy an entire landscape in a short amount of time.

As damaging as the Lilac/Ash borers are, the Emerald Ash borers tend to be even more detrimental to the health of your trees. The Emerald Ash bore tunnels that are extremely dangerous for the upper crown of the tree. Watch carefully for your white ash trees, as they have an association with higher problem rates than green ash trees.

Some homeowners may notice yellowing leaves, which can be a sign of Iron Chlorosis or other common tree diseases in Johnstown. Our tree care specialists in Johnstown are experts at diagnosing nutrient deficiencies and pH imbalance in your soil. We also offer tree injections and dormant oil treatment to fortify trees against these threats. Let American Turf & Tree Care guard your trees against weather, pest damage, and disease when your trees need it most! 

Fast, Effective Service

The seasonal weather conditions in Colorado bring a host of tree issues, including insect infestations, diseases, and general wear and tear. Our team of experienced tree care professionals can intervene quickly, providing fast treatment solutions.

When you partner with American Turf & Tree Care for tree and shrub care in Johnstown, you can be sure you're putting your landscape in the best hands. Our tree and shrub care services are guaranteed, ensuring that you get superior, lasting results. If you're not happy with your service, let us know and we'll come back for a free re-treatment! As a locally owned and operated business, we know that we are serving our neighbors - so we strive to treat every customer like part of our family! 

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