Terms of Service Policy


American Turf and Tree Care (ATTC)

Service Guidelines

  1. Services automatically renew year to year until ATTC is notified by the customer that changes need to be made to the account.     

  2. It is the customer’s responsibility to ensure that ATTC has access to all service areas when the technician arrives and ensure that pets are inside or contained until after service is completed.

  3. While we promote adequate watering, we do not like to get SOAKED on the job! Customers should ensure that sprinklers are concluded no later than 7am. (See water schedule on FAQ Page)

  4. Day of Service modifications cannot be guaranteed since our technicians are already on the road early in the morning, but we will do our best to accommodate requests if possible.

  5. ATTC reserves the right to charge a service fee for excessive reschedules at the discretion of ATTC. PLEASE BE MINDFUL OF ASKING FOR A RESCHEDULE! IT COULD TAKE US SEVERAL WEEKS TO GET BACK TO YOU AS WE WORK NEIGHBORHOOD TO NEIGHBORHOOD.

  6. Regarding weather reschedules, we watch the weather LIKE A HAWK! Should there be inclement weather, we will automatically reschedule your service to be completed as soon as possible.  

  7. It is the customer’s responsibility to notify ATTC of any informational changes that need to be made to their account; For Example: updated  phone numbers, address, mowing/watering days, auto pay card on file.

  8. ATTC has 3 payment options to choose from:
    A.   Seasonal Pre-pay: pay for the season prior to the expiration date set on the pre-pay letter sent out to all customers in January.
    B.   Auto Pay: pay at the time of service billed to a credit card on file
    C.   Monthly Budget Billing:  pay the total annual service amount divided into equal monthly payments and billed to a credit card on file.  

  9. ATTC is committed to making a good faith effort to notify the customer the day prior to service via text message or email, provided we have accurate contact information.  

  10. These "Service Guidelines" are not intended to be an exhaustive list of every scenario nor a “contract”, but a set of general guidelines in order for ATTC to provide all customers with a consistently high level of service.