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As the colors begin to change and the leaves begin to fall, make sure your trees are prepared for the colder weather ahead! Book an appointment for tree services by American Turf & Tree Care.


For tree care in Greeley to be effective, it must address the unique needs of the local landscape. At American Turf & Tree Care, our tree care services include regularly scheduled applications designed to prevent the majority of local obstacles – like insect damage and disease.

We can intervene quickly, providing hassle-free, fast treatment solutions that will nurture your landscape and keep it beautiful all year long.

Superior, lasting results for a more beautiful backyard

When you call on American Turf & Tree Care to help protect your backyard, one of our trained specialists will evaluate what needs to be done to restore your plants to their full potential. Then our experts will develop a customized tree care program that addresses those threats over the long term. Our Greeley tree care services include:

Plus, because we care about our impact on the environment, we have elected to use green products for our tree care services. So you get a gorgeous yard with environmentally responsible products and services.

Protect your landscape from insects and disease

Even homeowners who religiously deep water their trees and shrubs can find themselves up against threats like insect damage and disease. In Greeley, your landscape can fall prey to destructive pests like Emerald Ash Borers or Lilac/Ash borers. Lilac/Ash borers are native to North American ash trees, and typically target trees that are stressed due to drought, injury, or that have suffered a recent transplant.

Being one of the most common wood borers of Colorado trees, the Lilac/Ash borers tunnel below the bark of your trees, wounding heartwood in the trunks and lower branches of ash trees. Ultimately, Emerald and Lilac/Ash borers make it difficult for trees to uptake the water and nutrients they need. The Emerald Ash Borer is newer to NE Colorado, and is even more destructive to trees than the Lilac/Ash borer, as they start at the soil line and create tunnels that sepcifcally target the upper crown of the ash tree.

Not only can yellowing leaves or weakened branches be an indicator of insect damage, but it can be a warning sign of disease. Iron Chlorosis is common in trees and shrubs in Greeley, as many homeowners have soils in their yards with high alkalinity, which causes iron in the soil to be unusable by plants.

Our tree care experts in Greeley can address nutrient deficiencies in your soil and correct pH imbalances, giving your trees and shrubs a healthy foundation all season long. We also offer tree injections and dormant oil treatments to protect your trees against the elements, strengthening them against all the things that can spoil a beautiful landscape in spring. 

Hassle-free treatments to simplify your life

American Turf & Tree Care has decades of experience providing the best tree care in Greeley. During that time, we've developed a reputation for always going above and beyond with our customer service. Put your tree care in our hands and you will love the results. We even back it up with our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

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