Liquid Aeration: The Smarter Choice


A great way to set your lawn up for success next season is aeration. The purpose of aeration is to help the roots of your grass grow deeper to produce a stronger and healthier lawn. Fall is the optimal time to aerate your lawn, and you have two options to choose from— liquid aeration versus core aeration. But what’s the difference between the two?

Core Aeration

Core aeration is pulling thousands of plugs of soil from your lawn and mechanically opening up the soil to allow water and nutrients to penetrate deep in the the root system of the turf. This will usually pull up plugs about three inches deep , only addressing a small portion of the soil surface and leaving 80 percent of the soil undisturbed. Aeration holes needs to be spaced properly and uniform in depth. The holes made during aeration typically close up on their own and the plugs disintegrate before the onset of winter. 

Liquid Aeration

Liquid aeration works without pulling up the soil. Through key bio-stimulants and highly oxidizing material at key growth stages of turf, liquid aeration breaks up and loosens topsoil to encourage a deeper rooting and more oxygen into the topsoil. 

With the addition of the bio-stimulants to your soil, thatch can start to be broken down without having to rent a power rake. The results of liquid aeration speak for themselves. This soil sample was taken from the lawn at our office, and it’s clear to see that the top four to six inches of soil are broken up compared to the compacted clay at the bottom later of the soil sample. 

These air pockets in the soil allow air and water movement, which promotes deeper growing roots. 

American Turf & Tree Care has moved exclusively to using liquid aeration as a supplement to our 5 Star Lawn Care Program. Liquid aeration helps break up the Colorado clay much more effectively and is easier for our customers and our technician— sprinkler heads don’t have to be flagged, no more heavy equipment being dragged around, and we can fix the root of the problems of our native soil for a healthier lawn.

The addition of liquid aeration to our 5 Star Lawn Care Program is just one more way that we are always working to provide you with the best solution for your lawn. With aeration, seeding and proper fertilization, your lawn will be set up for success the next season!